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'We Have Tutors' provides superb tutoring for a range of subjects and levels online for Group or 1-2-1 tuition.

Our tutors are all DBS checked, qualified teachers and examiners. We offer tailored, targeted tuition supports students during this crucial part of their secondary education.

'We Have Tutors' provides a unique platform for students to excel and shine academically.

In our experience, what keeps students highly motivated? The answer is a motivated teacher – a passion for teaching often results in a passion for learning.

At 'We Have Tutors', our experience is based on years of training as we have tutored hundreds of students. We have seen them transcend beyond their exam goals and targets to excel in their studies.

Our aim is to accelerate learning.

Online Education
Online Classes

Extra tuition can give students the boost they need to realise their full potential. But up until now the price of high-quality tuition has prevented most students from getting the support they need. This is why we have launched 'We Have Tutors'.

In group tuiton at 'We Have Tutors', your child will benefit as they will have the opportunity to interact with other students studying at the same level as them. This means they will be able to read the opinions of their peers and see to questions and answers that they may not have thought of themselves.

Working with other students can also help them to learn to collaborate, gain independence in their own work, and crucially, to look at their work and the way they are working from a different angle.

Online Class
Online Class

On a financial level group tuition is more affordable than one-to-one tuition as the cost of the tutor is shared between the students in the group, bringing the cost down to as little as £10 a session per student.

This not only makes tutoring more available to a wide range of students but also means tutoring can take place over a longer period of time and more affordable to parents.

We believe that every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential.

As all our classes are so popular, they are all currently full and we are now in the process of creating more lesson times.

Please click below to sign up on our waiting list.

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